About Black Diamond Outreach

With a growing trend of over-saturation on the airwaves and in mailboxes, it is critical for today’s campaigns to get out and talk face-to-face with voters about the important issues that really matter to them. Black Diamond Outreach (BDO) was founded with that sole mission. Our team of outreach professionals consists of field experts who specialize in targeted voter outreach, including door-to-door and event canvassing. We are experts at developing and executing a superior communications strategy for political and non-political campaigns.

BDO can join your project or campaign team to provide the expertise to leverage the power of person-to-person conversations for the effective delivery of your messages.

Our Specialty

  • ♦  Door-to-door canvassing
  • ♦  Grasstops outreach
  • ♦  Community Engagement
  • ♦  Petition drives
  • ♦  Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

Black Diamond Outreach’s Partners, Steve Adams and Mike O’Connell, have managed field campaigns for many candidate and issue campaigns as well as provided a unique view to corporate community outreach projects. The team brings decades of experience and unique skills to any project.

At BDO, we recognize that every campaign, big or small, local or statewide is unique and can be challenging. Having a well-organized campaign team to keep track of all the moving parts can make it seem like a well-oiled machine, but a campaign lacking foresight and leadership will fall short of its goals and rarely succeed come Election Day. BDO’s partners and leadership team bring a wealth of knowledge to each and every campaign we manage. Our previous experience and range of services includes field organizing, canvass directing, running large-scale volunteer driven campaigns, leading large and small non- profit organizations and labor unions as well as running municipal, legislative and statewide campaigns. When you hire BDO to run your field campaign, you get a company that specializes in grassroots person-to-person voter education, persuasion and outreach.

Our Services

  • Consult on messaging, data collection, individual interaction with your target audience, and developing general and specific field and door-to-door outreach
  • Develop and implement outreach strategies for targeted demographics, including multi-cultural, organized labor, left-leaning elected officials, among other
  • Execute a professional door-to-door voter identification and education
  • Collect data from outreach and door-to-door canvassing utilizing state-of-the-art technology for real-time reporting to our clients

Data Reporting

BDO prides itself on real-time quality reporting on all of our outreach projects. For our door-to-door canvassing operations, we provide daily reports outlining the number of contacts, information on the conversation, and number of those moved with additional information. No two projects are alike—we customize our reports to fit the needs and desires of our clients. This real-time information allows our clients to make adjustments to other facets of their programs based on the data collected.

Contact us to discuss next steps and how to best setup a successful outreach program.

Contact Us

Black Diamond Outreach, LLC
141 Union Boulevard, Suite 300
Lakewood, CO 80228

Phone:  720-328-9385


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